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Non-fiction Books

Tips for choosing books for Pre Schoolers (Generally between 3 to 5 years old)
  • Illustrations and photos that are clear, colourful, and engaging.
  • Simple, fun plots. The action should move quickly, so each book can be read in one sitting.
  • Lively rhymes and repetition that children can repeat and remember.
  • Stories about everyday life and events.
  • The stories should encourage children to ask questions and explore their world.
  • Stories that review basic concepts, such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colours.
  • Main characters who are your child’s age or slightly older. Playful animals, both real and imaginary, will also hold a child’s attention
Tips for choosing books for Young Readers (Generally between 6 to 12 years old)
  • Clear text that is easy to read.
  • Colourful, attractive illustrations and photos that bring the text to life and give clues to the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • Books that appeal to your child’s interests. “How-to,” craft, and recipe books with clear, simply worded instructions and helpful illustrations.
  • Books with your child’s favourite characters.
  • Stories your child enjoyed hearing when he or she was younger. These are great books for children to begin reading on their own.
  • Books that encourage discussion.
  • Chapter books that can be read over several days instead of in one sitting
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1000 facts with big illustrations and cartoons that reveal the secrets of the World..
S$120.83 S$42.90
The 3D series combines DK's classic reference approach with cutting edge augmented reality techn..
S$25.31 S$14.90
This wild lift-the-flap book features Garry Fleming's photo-realistic style of artwork and over 100 ..
S$26.59 S$12.90
Minor ShelfwearLearn about space exploration and astronauts, other planets, spacecraft and much ..
S$12.44 S$8.90
Explore prehistoric Earth and meet the dinosaurs.Find out what dinosaurs looked like, how they l..
S$22.00 S$9.90
This wild lift-the-flap book features Garry Fleming's photo-realistic style of artwork and over 100 ..
S$26.59 S$12.90
Discover our beautiful Earth with incredible augmented reality animations.Astonishing images lit..
S$28.00 S$14.90
"Extreme Dinosaurs" presents the hugely popular subject of dinosaurs in an entirely new an..
S$12.99 S$6.90
The Infinity series brings the world of non-fiction to life, with a detailed look at some of the wor..
S$26.45 S$12.90
Discover the human body with incredible augmented reality animations.The amazing human body lite..
S$28.00 S$14.90
Look through each eye-catching spy hole to count a new underwater creature! What can you see under t..
S$27.00 S$8.90
This innovative, best-selling series starts with the basic building blocks of all scientific inquiry..
S$41.25 S$24.90
From DK Publishing and Smithsonian. Make Your Own T. Rex combines everything you need to make a mode..
S$42.08 S$21.90
This highly visual series provides younger children with first facts and pictures about all their fa..
S$121.05 S$39.90
Help your child learn all about the ocean using the new edition of this fact-packed guide with a gia..
S$21.00 S$9.90
Have you ever wondered... What the Earth looks like from space? How many continents there are? Where..
S$16.22 S$9.90
Essential facts, fascinating information and a wealth of questions and answers about the rich divers..
S$65.71 S$9.90
Discover the wonder of Space with incredible augmented reality animations.Awe-inspiring images l..
S$28.00 S$14.90
This vibrant new book-and-CD series brings the best of our Read and Wonder nature stories to life. E..
S$11.42 S$7.90
Put the buzz back into biology with Professor Robert Winston. What makes Earth an ideal place for li..
S$28.06 S$9.90